Tutorial concept on the PARKUR platform

One of the cornerstones of the PARKUR platform is the presence of a team of specially trained tutors to accompany learners in their learning. Their mission is to welcome, motivate and support learners in their work on the platform. On Parkur, two different profiles of tutors make it possible to provide this support depending on the target audience.

Tutor Training Scenario

A hybrid training based on the tutoring scheme has been designed. Planned over 12 weeks, it mixes synchronous and asynchronous online self-learning phases, webinars, face-to-face module and simulation of the roles of tutor and learner. The scenario summarizes the phases and contents.

Online Tutors: expected skills for an emerging role

The tutor on an e-learning platform accompanies the learners in a predefined scenario with the aim of empowerment. If the objectives pursued are similar, the tutor’s mission is not that of a language teacher and calls on other skills.