Semper Avanti

Semper Avanti is a youth organization based in Wrocław, Lower Silesia region, Poland.

The association was established in 2001 and has since then grown to become a big, innovative and dynamic NGO. The organization’s actions are focused on 3 main areas:

Youth in Democracy

which aims to help young people how to understand democracy and how to be part of it. Most of the activities are conducted in cooperation with local and regional authorities. In recent years, the association has managed to successfully complete numerous projects that allowed young people to establish a dialogue with decision makers on various levels and influence policies so as to meet the young people’s expectations.

Youth and Tolerance

whose goal is to promote tolerance, open-mindedness, European integration, international cooperation and cultural diversity. To that aim, the actions are based especially through youth exchanges and European Voluntary Service programmes. The association is one of the biggest sending and hosting organizations in EVS in Poland. Every year, around 25 EVS volunteers from different countries come to Wrocław to get an unforgettable and life-changing experience. They get the chance to develop their professional as well their personal experience as well to contribute to the society of Lower Silesia.

Youth and the Labour Market

which supports young people for the challenge of finding their first jobs and obtaining work experience. Activities include organising vocational trainings and internships, both domestic and abroad, training courses on various subjects, developing hard-skills as well as soft-skills like communication, conflict resolution, self-presentation, teamwork, intercultural cooperation etc. The association cooperates very closely with vocational schools in the regions of Lower Silesia, Opole and Łódź and assists them in preparing applications, finding partners for international cooperation, managing the projects, providing trainings and preparations for the participants. The organisation is also a member of several partnerships working towards increasing the quality standards of vocational training, such as ‘EuPQua ECVET and ‘IMOVE. In the field of VET mobility, Semper Avanti collaborates with around 45 schools who apply for an average of 30 projects each year. As a result, around 800 students annually travel to Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and United Kingdom for an internship which lasts usually 3 – 4 weeks. Currently Semper Avanti is also partner inthe project Pro Move whose aim is to promote long-term internships.

Fix staff members: 12