Carl Duisberg Centren

Carl Duisberg Centren is a German Language Training Centers, a leading service enterprise in the area of international training and qualifications. It promotes life-long learning through high-quality language courses, intercultural training, valuable experiences abroad and industry-specific professional training.

Carl Duisberg Centren is a competent partner for programs aimed at people of all ages and career stages, e.g.students venturing out into the world for the first time, working professionals seeking to improve their career perspective or companies on the road to global success. We also manage cross-border educational projects for the international business sector and institutions and have locations and representative offices in Germany and abroad. We have an extensive international network to serve our customers worldwide.

Since 55 years Carl Duisberg Centren is offering intensive high-quality German language courses to adults and recently for kids as well at the six levels of the CEFR. The language skills that participants acquire in our courses are measurable and comparable according to international standards. Pool of German language trainers working with us: fix staff: 36, freelancer: app 100 German language learners per year: more than 3.500 from 86 different countries (2016)

Fix staff members: 158