Training of PARKUR tutors

One of the components of the Delcyme project is the implementation of a training course for tutors to support learners on the platform (for more information about tutoring on PARKUR see the Results section). This training took place from September 09, 2019, to December 12, 2019, and enabled a team of 16 tutors from the 5 involved countries to be trained.

Contents and process

The hybrid training combined online work phases with a three-day face-to-face module in Berlin. The group was thus able to discover the platform, study the role of online tutors and also get to know each other remotely by taking part in webinars and exchanging ideas on the platform.

Once in Berlin, the participants had the occasion to get together and meet the team. They were able to experience what it means to have an intercultural encounter involving five languages and a diversity of cultures, that is to say an enrichment as well as a logistical challenge. Together, they explored the different aspects of the role of tutors on the PARKUR platform, from the art of feedback to the specificities of coach and island tutors.

After this exploration, everyone left for the simulation phase, not only to test their future role as a tutor but also to put themselves in the shoes of a learner.